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It’s an interactive musical experience where all medium and large Coca-Cola cups are used in a web game to remix songs and play with augmented reality filters to create funny videos. Grab The Beat will reconnect people of younger generations with McDonald’s using something that they all love, music. And the Coca-Cola cup will be the key to create this new and engaging experience that will “beat” all they’ve seen so far. With an OSC communication between Processing and PureData we have created the prototype of Grab The Beat. With Processing we can detect the position and the movements that we do with the cup using a color-recognition algorithm. Then with PureData, we modify the song according to the data that we receive form Processing.


CocaCola, McDonald's & Domus Academy Students. Danilo Gallo, Jordi Garreta, Komal Badhe, Trupti Shirodkar, Wavelee Monserrate & Yinuo Huang / Project Leader. Margherita Paleari / Project Advisor. Elisa Chiodo

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